Story Guided Procedural Generation of Complex Connected Worlds and Levels for Role Play Games

This work was my (Theo Beyer) master's thesis in Informatics: Games Engineering. It can be downloaded here.


Procedural content generation had not only a rise in the games industry in recent years but also became a topic in dedicated scientific work. Overlooking past game releases, however, one might get the impression, that procedural content generation of whole worlds on one hand and a strong story for the player to follow on the other hand are mutually exclusive.

This work presents an overview of established methods, concepts, and techniques in the field of procedural content generation. Furthermore, it presents an approach to implement a generator for a whole, complex and interconnected world for a role-playing game. This partly includes the storyline the player follows. The story is used as a scaffolding for the world to be wrapped around so that the world is best suited to accommodate the story.

The approach is divided into three main steps: The generation of the storyline, the generation of the world, according to the storyline, and the generation of single levels according to the world, including detailed information on every step.

Besides the given approach, this work hopefully shows, that practically everything, no matter how extensive, can be generated. It just has to be broken down into small pieces, that are easy to manage for a computer.

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Theobald Beyer

Procedural Generation
Shaders / Graphics