Ancient Battles in VR

Overview over the battleground

Genre : Strategy / Serious Game
Language : C#, Unity3D, HTC Vive

During my master thesis, I developed a Serious Game about Ancient Battles for a Virtual Reality headset. The goal of the game is to teach the player about the tactic which was used by Hannibal in the Battle of Cannae. The game features two modes. The first one is the battle simulation mode where you can play as one of the commanders of the battle versus the Artificial Intelligence. The second one is the replay mode where you can watch the historic steps of the battle.

The level selection

The main challenges during the development were the balance between historic authenticity and fun during the gameplay and the development of a control scheme and user interface for Virtual Reality. The thesis contains an analyzes of existing work, the requirements for the serious game, the actual implementation in Unity and an evaluation of the produced game.

Replay step with ghosts and paths

The thesis is available as a download here. A version of the game is available here (but this is only playable if you have a HTC Vive and the controller for it).

Replay step


Steen Müller