Genre : VR
Language : C++, OpenSG

HyperCore was written as practical part of the VR lecture at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities. The goal was to experiment with VR-techniques using the 5-sided CAVE installation at the Virtual Reality and Visualisation Centre (V2C). A spatially tracked hand-held controller and a tracking system for the stereographic vision were used.

Testing the application in the CAVE.

The Game

The game itself is rather simple in its idea. The user has to throw a ball (energy core) into a cube (energy cube) to finish a level. but the player can't move while holding the energy core. This gives the whole game a golf like feeling. Throw the core, move where it lands, trow again...

Technical Details

To achieve a smooth experience, we put a lot of effort into the two main mechanics, the movement and the throwing.

Movement is done with a teleportation mechanism. The player simply points to the position he wants to teleport to and releases the button. But the ray is curved as if affected by gravity. That has two effects: The player has high precision in close areas, but doesn't have problems with small movements multiplying over distance, as you get with a straight ray. Also, the player can teleport onto platforms he can't see from his position. That makes climbing stairs and walls much easier and faster.

Throw Mechanic *coming soon*

Fancy Collision Detection *coming soon*


Theobald Beyer

Procedural Generation
Shaders / Graphics

Daniel Frejek