Valentin Beck

About Me

I'm a programmer from Munich.

Ever since I was a little child I loved videogames. I’m fascinated about the unlimited possibilities of videogames, especially the visionary worlds that can be explored and the different figures you can play: Explore a universe, slay monsters, manage a city or do whatever you like.

When I realized that I have a lot of fun in programming, I decided that I want to program games myself. I want to create games where players can experience the feelings and emotions that I enjoy every time I play an exciting videogame.

During our various projects, which can be found at the bottom of my page, I enjoyed most that we were able to experience all the different aspects of making games. I appreciate to develope the gameplay, enemy AI, path finding, UI, levels of the game, puzzles, sound, and even sometimes 3D-models. It is not like I am super focused on one aspect of games, I really appreciate all of them, some more than others of course, and how they work together to form a whole game.

Apart from games, I am interested in machine learning which was a main topic in my bachelor thesis with the title "Design and implementation of an automated network simulation with network optimization through the usage of evolutionary algorithms in automotive networks".


After high school, I started in 2012 the bachelor’s degree program Games Engineering at the Technical University Munich. In 2015 I was awarded the Bachelor Informatics: Games Engineering. The title of my bachelor thesis is "Design and implementation of an automated network simulation with network optimization through the
usage of evolutionary algorithms in automotive networks". Then I continued with the master’s degree program Games Engineering at the Technical University Munich. In 2018 I was awarded the Master Informatics: Games Engineering. The title of my master thesis is "Using Photogrammetry and Augmented Reality for Virtual Reconstruction of Ancient Statues". My master thesis can be found as project at the bottom of this page.

The majority of our projects were created by using the Unity3D-engine and C#, so that I have a profound experience with these tools. I also worked with C++ and OpenGL for our firespark game. Furthermore I worked with C/C++ and OpenGL for my master thesis. Additionally, I like python, which I used for implementing the program that I developed during my bachelor thesis.

During my studies I also worked 2 years for the GmbH in Ingolstadt which develops software for infotainment solutions in cars for the Volkswagen Group. I worked mainly on a website based on Node.js and I wrote CppUnit tests for a mobile phone interface to the infotainment of a car.


You can contact me:!

Valentins Projects


FireSpark is a serious game created to impart an understanding of computer networks and network security to the user.
To achieve this, the user slips into the role of a hacker. As part of an underground hacking organisation he tries to bankrupt a group of evil companies using several basic hacking techniques like DDOS attacks, SQL injections and packet sniffing.

Roboy Adventures

Roboy Adventures is a puzzle game consisting of equipping and programming a robot. It is a single-player game and the goal is to beat different levels with certain win conditions. The only way to achieve this is to equip him accordingly and program him accurately.

Primal Rampage

Primal Rampage is a round based strategy game created during a game jam. It features a classic rock-paper-scissors unit system, procedurally generated maps and dinosaurs!

Anubis Dungeon

Anubis Dungeon is an Action Adventure where you fight various enemies like anubis soliders with earth magic spells.

The Lynth Colony

The Lynth Colony is a real-time economic simulation game, in which the player builds a base on a desert planet. We developed it during a one week game jam.


In Arin46 is a split screen space shooter where you have to deliver pizza to space residents.

Insane Asylum

Insane Asylum plays in an asylum where one guard tries to stop the other players from killing themself.

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest is a coop brawler for two players where the typical story is reversed and the player fights for the dragon.


Random Sledgehammer is the combination of a tower defense game and first person shooter. It also supports multiplayer.

Shaolin Racoon

Shaolin Racoon is a small 2D tower defense game which is rather balanced.

Time Scratch

Time Scratch is a platformer where you can create a clon of yourself to solve complicated levels.

Operation Dreadful Grave

Operation Dreadful Grave is a turn based strategy game where you play in a table top like environment.

Reconstruction of Ancient Statues

This work aims to virtually reconstruct ancient damaged statues based on other similar statues and display the reconstructed parts at the exhibit using Augmented Reality.